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Luxury Custom Program:

Bedspread or Coverlet

With OUR Fabric OR Yours

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9 Ounce Bonded Fill

Matching Thread

Custom Quality White Lining

All First Quality

Solid/Print 48Solid/Print 54ThrowOutline
Twin/ Daybed9.5 yds.8/9.5 yds.$ 239.00*Add  $100.00
Full12/13.5 yds.9.5 yds.$ 239.00*Add  $100.00
Queen12/13.5 yds.12/13.5 yds.$ 239.00*Add  $100.00
King12/13.5 yds.12/13.5 yds.$ 239.00*Add  $100.00

*COM IS $259   also can do 1/2 fill

· Scallops
$100Add 1.5 yards

French$100Add 1.5 yards

Round$100Add 1.5 yards

Round with Cord$150Add 1.5 yards plus 1.5 yards
· Top Cord
$110Add 1.5 yards
· Bottom Cord
$110Add 1.5 yards
· Shirred Cord
$150Add 4.5 yards
· Ruffle
$150Add 4.5 yards

Ruffle with Cord$200Add 4.5 yards plus 1.5 yards
· Fitted



· Reverse   Sham
$100Add 2 yards

Reverse Sham with Cord$160Add 2 yards plus 1 yard

Reverse Sham with Scallops$160Add 2 yards plus 1 yard

Reverse Sham with Shirred Cord$200Add 2 yards plus 1.5 yards

Reverse Sham with Ruffle  $200

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Add 2 yards plus 1.5 yards

10 Inch Tack Comforter

  • Poof look with straight stitch every 10 inches across entire area of comforter
  • No pillow tuck - stops at headboard
  • Can be reversible - see limitations
  • Standard 9 oz. bonded fiber fill
  • Additional 4.5 oz. of fill can be added for $100
  • If reversible, can only be throw style-bell shaped rounded corners
  • If reversible, cannot be fitted
  • If reversible, must add cord with up charge of $225
  • If reversible, cannot add  ruffle, scallops, or any other options
  • If reversible, thread is the same color as top fabic thread

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