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Matte Finish
1-9 yards$200.00minimum charge
10 yards & Up$20.00per yard
Add 1 yard to length to allow for shrinkage

Subject: Facts about Kay Kovers Laminations

1.Film is a .006 gauge translucent film.
2.Cold crack factor: Vinyl will withstand minus ten degrees Fahrenheit
3.Width of goods: 45" - 54"
4.Freight: F.O.B. our Roswell location. On outgoing U.P.S. shipment, there is a $.30 per package charge + U.P.S. charge + insurance
5.Colors are subject to minor variations when fabric is laminated due to the idiosyncrasies of color, pigment, and fabric construction.
6.Flame retardancy specifications - our vinyl and adhesive are formulated to meeting the following specifications: flame retardancy, vertical flame to government specifications CCC-T-1910, method 5903, also, must pass California fire Marshal's flame retardancy requirements after lamination to flame retardent fabric.
7.Mildew inhibitor is added to film, but fabric will mildew under mildew conditions.
8.Kay Kovers fabric laminations are not machine washable and the end use product should not be exposed to outdoor elements or some can possibly delaminate for which Kay Kovers assumes no liabilities.

No additional liabilitiesassumed for anything else related to laminated fabrics than theabove mentioned items. Some examples of which in that thelaminated fabric could be biased, bleeding through, bubbling,cracking, crazing, shrinking, etc. for which we are notresponsible. Also we do not inspect fabric before lamination andcan assume no responsibility for finishing that is not our own.These prices will apply as long as we can obtain raw materials atcurrent prevailing market prices.

4 Week Delivery

For best results, fabrics selected forlamination should be light background color printed fabrics.Medium to dark printed fabric such as navy, brown, burgundy, andblack backgrounds and solid colors are not ideal fabric choices.Upholstery fabrics and Teflon coated fabrics are not recommendedfor lamination. Kay Kovers can assume no liability for results offinished product on medium to dark prints, solids, Teflon coatedand upholstered fabrics and if these fabrics are sent, you assumeresponsibility of fabric of this description.

KayKovers Labor Prices

Laminated table cloths

--up to 52 inch square--$50.00 each plus lamination charge
fabric mustbe as wide as size square.

--over 52 inch square--$60.00 each plus lamination charge


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